Life Lessons 2017


It was a great year! Despite doubts, disappointments, long days and sleepless nights of hard working. At the end of it I feel thankful and a little bit sentimental. And I would like to share with you some lessons I learnt this year.

- If you dream something than act. Buy a ticket, write an e-mail, ask personally, never wait somebody to help you, be brave to make first steps. 


- If you love something - just do it. Even if you don't have time. You will never have it. But don't forget to stop and have some rest. Even if you do the work you love you need some break.


- Don't be scare to give up, sometimes it's needed.  


- Treat life as an adventure, take chances, say "yes" to interesting proposals. But always do your work responsibly. 


- Treat problems as a challenges. It's easier to work with it.


- Always help if you can and keep silent if you can hurt.


- Look for your vocation and path. Make a plan or at least define a destination. Set targets. 


- Always learn something new from all the people. Even your worst enemy can teach you valuable life lessons.


- Make your life interesting right now. Don't wait. When you feel scared just ask yourself "What stopping you?", "What are you waiting for?" Most often the answer is "Nothing".


And to sum up I really want to say thank you to all people that helped me, shared my ideas, gave advises, support and just have fun with me.


Sending warm hugs to all of you ❤